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Greened Standard Vase- Arranged

Stuffed Animal

9 Piece Artisan Truffle Box

16 Piece Artisan Truffle Box - 7oz

24 Piece Artisan Truffle Box - 10oz

32 Piece Artisan Truffle Gift Box

Farm Fresh brings you the best and freshest, locally-sourced flowers and greens, specially picked out and wrapped in Kraft paper for a home project or to simply pop into a vase. One of our experienced designers hand picks a selection of our newest receipts, arranges, and thoughtfully wraps them before hand delivering them to you or you recipient. Flowers will vary based on seasonality and availability. Color palette and flower type requests are welcome in "special instructions" but are not guaranteed, but we will do our best. Flowers are delivered with a water pouch to maintain freshness during delivery and include one flower food packet. Vase not included.

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  • Wrapped - Small


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Wrapped - Small - $55.00

Wrapped - Medium - $65.00

Wrapped - Large - $85.00

Wrapped - Grand - $100.00